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As a small family-owned craft hobby business in the far north of Scotland, we are passionate about all types of DIY crafts. Our mission is to inspire crafters of all ages to bring their creative ideas to life and guide them through the process from start to completion.

At Craft Decor Creations, we specialise in DIY crafts that involve cutting machines like the Cricut Maker, Silhouette Cameo, and Sizzix Big Shot. We also venture into laser-cutting machines and are excited to offer a variety of projects, such as laser-engraved slate coasters and glassware. We constantly explore new ideas and techniques and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers.

Join us on our journey of creativity and exploration, and let us help you unleash your inner artist. With our comprehensive library of video tutorials and step-by-step instructions, you can be assured that every project will succeed. Come and be a part of our crafting community, and let us inspire you to create something unique.

Thank you for Visiting Craft Decor Creations – we are excited to see what you will create!


DIY crafts are a great way to unleash your creativity and create unique, one-of-a-kind items for your home or as gifts for loved ones. Our website offers a wide variety of DIY craft projects, from basic projects to more advanced woodworking and metalworking projects.

Some popular DIY craft projects include hand-painted wooden signs and wall hangings. We also offer a variety of upcycling projects that allow you to repurpose old items and give them new life.

One of the best things about DIY crafts is the freedom to create something unique and one-of-a-kind. With the right tools and materials, the possibilities are endless. Our tutorials will provide you with inspiration and guidance to help you create the DIY project of your dreams. We offer a variety of materials ranging from paint, glue, and fabric to more specialised tools like saws, drills, hobby lasers, and sanders.

We believe crafting is a way of life and want to share that belief with you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, we have a variety of DIY craft tutorials that will guide you every step of the way.

So, you want to create a beautiful piece of home decor, or a personalised gift for a loved one, or indulge in creative self-expression. Our DIY craft tutorials have got you covered. And with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that your crafting journey will be rewarding and enjoyable.

Hobby Laser Cutting Project.

Using a hobby laser for craft projects is becoming without a doubt more popular.
However it is not for all crafters, there is a fair bit of cost involved and a very steep learning curve. With that said there is hobby laser that are suitable for use in the home providing there is suitable ventilation in place.
Three popular lasers would be the xTool M1, Glowforge, and the Omtech Polar along with a few other brands. Laser crafting comes at a price that needs to be given serious consideration straight from the start.
We have just moved into laser crafting mainly slate coasters, mats, Mylar stencils, etc, and will produce a few videos on the topic in case someone is interested.

Easy Craft Ideas:

Are you looking for fun and easy craft ideas to spruce up your home or to create personalised gifts for your loved ones? Look no further than Craft Decor Creations!

Our website offers a variety of DIY crafting and inspires you to unleash your creativity and create something beautiful with your hands. We’ve covered you, from handmade cards and home decor to personalised gifts and party favours.

Our easy craft ideas are designed to be simple and fun, using affordable and accessible materials found at your local craft store, or wood supply merchant even around the home. One of the most accessible and versatile crafting materials is paper. With just a few folds and cuts, you can create stunning origami decorations or beautiful paper flowers to add a touch of elegance to your home.

Some popular projects include paper flowers and painted mason jars. We constantly add new ideas and inspiration to keep your creativity flowing.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try some DIY home decor projects, such as creating your wall art or revamping an old piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware (handles, hinges). You can also make unique jewellery using beads, wire, and other materials.

Whether you want to spend a lazy afternoon crafting with friends or need a fun activity for a kids’ party, our easy craft ideas will surely delight you. And with our step-by-step tutorials and helpful tips, you can create beautiful and unique crafts in no time.

Cricut Projects.

Typical craft ideas could be greeting cards, leather earrings, cake toppers, and banners, there are multiple vinyl projects from t-shirts, stickers, and decals. Adhesive vinyl decals are great for mugs or drinking glasses.

Materials needed will range from cardstock to rolls of various vinyl types depending on your project needs.

One consideration to keep in mind is the smaller Cricut Joy machine used by many crafters and a cost-effective alternative to the Cricut Maker if you are just starting out in the world of home crafting.
Are you looking for inspiration for your new crafting Cricut projects?

Here at Craft Decor Creations, we provide many inspiring Cricut projects to try at home! As experienced crafters, we have created a comprehensive library of video tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you maximise your Cricut projects. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or new to DIY, our easy-to-follow tutorials will guide you through creating beautiful and unique designs. From decals that can be used on your car to wood keyrings for the car keys, our Cricut project ideas offer endless possibilities for unleashing your creativity.

At Craft Decor Creations, we’re all about inspiring your creativity with various crafting projects. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just getting started, we have plenty of ideas to keep you busy. From handmade greeting cards and leather earrings to cake toppers and banners, our selection of typical craft ideas has something for everyone.

If you want to add personal flair to your wardrobe or home decor, vinyl projects are a great option. Our selection includes everything from stencils and mug designs to adhesive vinyl decals for mugs or wine glasses. And if you’re planning a wedding or other special event, we have plenty of decor ideas to make your day truly unique.

What Do I Need To Get Started
To start your crafting journey, you’ll need a few basic materials like cardstock and various types of vinyl. And if you’re creating and looking for a cost-effective option, we recommend considering the smaller Cricut Joy machine. Whatever your crafting needs, we’re here to help you bring your ideas to life!

We believe that crafting should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. That’s why we’re committed to providing high-quality tutorials and straightforward instructions that are easy to understand. You can create stunning designs showcasing your style and personality with our tutorials. So why not try a Cricut project and see what you can achieve?

Coasters & Table Mats.

A popular item with many crafters, material use can range from cork to wood blanks and come in various shapes and sizes.

Cork is popular as a starter and many crafters will create beautiful cork coaster for family and friends as gifts. Cork with vinyl another great design idea offering multiplr desin opertunities. There are a number of crafters that use wine corks which is a great starter project.

Wood blanks are also popular with crafters who make coasters along with some really nice slate coasters.

We will discuss slate coasters later in our hobby laser section

Laser Engraving: A Versatile Hobby Craft

If you’re looking for a hobby that allows you to create unique and personalised items, laser engraving is worth considering. Laser engraving is a technique that uses a laser to etch or engrave designs onto various materials, including wood, acrylic, glass, leather, and Slate. The precision and versatility of laser engraving make it a popular choice for multiple applications, from creating personalised gifts to producing custom signage and promotional items.

One of the great things about laser engraving is that it allows you to create designs that are both intricate and precise. The laser beam can be programmed to follow any design, no matter how complex including small detailed pieces such as in wood keyrings. It can engrave even the finest details with stunning accuracy. This makes laser engraving ideal for creating custom jewellery, intricate designs on wooden boxes or frames, and other decorative items requiring high precision.


Another advantage of laser engraving is that it can be used to etch designs onto various materials. From wood to metal, glass to leather, a few materials can’t be engraved with a laser. This makes laser engraving a versatile craft that can create various items, from custom plaques and awards to personalised phone cases and keychains.

One of the reasons why laser engraving has become so popular in recent years is that it is now cost effective to purchase a hobby laser. With the help of a laser engraving machine and some basic design software (we recommend Lightburn software), anyone can start creating their custom designs in no time. Many online resources are available that offer tutorials and tips on getting started with laser engraving.

At Craft Decor Creations, we offer a wide range of laser engraving projects to help you create the perfect custom design for your project. Whether you’re looking to make a unique gift for a loved one or need custom signage for your business, our small family team can help you bring your vision to life. We use state-of-the-art laser engraving machines (Omtech) and the highest-quality materials to ensure our designs are beautiful and durable.
In addition, we offer hobby laser craft projects, including laser cutting and etching.

Signs and Plaques.

The opportunities here are only limited only by your own imagination! Craft signs can be for outdoors or indoors with many home crafters creating their own home décor creations to hang in kitchens bathrooms and anywhere else they want them.

When it comes to outdoor signs again let your imagination come to life and scribble down your ideas.
A point worth considering from the start is the materials needed and where to get them. If it’s your first time then consider repurposing scrap wood such as a couple of strips from a wooden pallet. Free wood like this is well worth upcycling and gives a popular rustic look about it.

If you own a Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy or other craft cutting machine then make a vinyl stencil of your idea or use the vinyl once cut directly onto your sign.
Honestly, there is no limit to what you will come up with!

Coasters & Table Mats

When it comes to entertaining guests or enjoying a meal with your family, having the right accessories is essential to set the mood. At Craft Decor Creations, we create slate placemats and coaster designs that are perfect for any occasion. Our collection of designs are mainly designed for our go-to materials, slate, and acrylic.

We create our own designs for various materials, such as slate, acrylic, and even recycled pallet wood which can provide a great rustic look, especially when it comes to signs. Each material has unique properties and advantages, such as durability, resistance to water and heat, or eco-friendliness.

Our placemats and coasters can also be personalised with a design or logo. This makes them a great option for businesses or organisations looking for a unique way to promote their brand or message. We use advanced laser techniques to ensure your design is printed accurately and in some cases we will airbrush them using vibrant colours.

At Craft Decor Creations, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality product videos and tutorials that are both stylish and functional. Our placemats and coasters are easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for everyday use. They are also lightweight and easy to store so you can use them anytime and anywhere.

So whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just enjoying a casual meal at home, make a design that will suit your needs. Placemats and coasters are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style to your table setting. Start designing your own today.

Signs and Plaques

Wooden signs are a timeless and classic way to display a message, commemorate an occasion, or honour a loved one. At Craft Decor Creations, we create a wide range of wooden signs that can be personalised to suit someone’s needs. Our wooden signs are made from mainly recycled materials although we do make some signs from much higher quality materials. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes to suit your style.

Our wooden plaques can be used for various purposes such as home decor, office signage, personalised gifts, or even as a unique way to showcase your business logo. As a small family team, we use advanced techniques to create unique and intricate designs that will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic wooden plaque for your home or a sleek and modern design for an office, there is a wide range of design options. Our wooden plaque designs can be customised with your preferred text, graphics, or images, making them perfect for any occasion.

At Craft Decor Creations, we take pride in our ability to offer high-quality wooden plaque designs that are beautiful and durable. Our small family team is committed to providing excellent quality designs and tutorials. We will work closely with you through our videos and tutorials to ensure that your wooden signs are everything you expected them to be.






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