Indoor Window Shutter

The traditional elegance of plantation window shutters never fails to enchant anyone with its classical look and feel. These classical pieces make a great alternative to fabric curtains or blinds. It is interesting to note how these plantation shutters began back in the days of ancient Greece as a form of window covering in the day when glass has not been invented. Shutters were used to keep out unwanted pests and to provide privacy to the owners. The interior shutters used by the ancient Greek is very much similar to the modern day plantation shutters, But the Greeks made use of shutters that were constructed from marble which makes it exceptionally tough and durable. The louvers of the ancient shutters are made form stationery object and does not move which is different from the modern day version we have today. Moveable louvers allow the owner to control the amount of light into a room.

The Grecian designs were used to create the American versions that were used inn plantation homes and banks in the late 18th century and the early 19th century. These shutters were sued for the same reasons they were made back in the old Grecian era; to provide privacy, shelter from the light and as a form of the regulation during the cold winter nights and the hot summer days. These Grecian style shutters were used on grand mansions and lavish plantation homes in those days but today we see these olden day inspired shutters adorning the windows of ordinary American homes.

Even if you have air conditioning unit, the installation of these shutters helps to lower the electricity bills as these shutters does a great job keeping the warm air trapped inside during the winter months and the heat away from the room during the blazing summer days. The best thing about these plantation shutters is, they can be tailor made to suit your own needs and preference. These shutters can be made to fits windows of any size, shape and design. There are many different colors to choose from as well from the pearly whites to the more masculine blacks and darker authorities.

The plantation shutters are long lasting and improve ventilation and light control. These are extremely easy to clean as well. If you sue vinyl or faux wood, you can sue a damp cloth with your favorite cleaner and simply brush to along to a brilliant shine that looks like new. For wood shutters, you may have to be more careful as the wring choice of cleaners can damage the wood and cause it to warp. Wood is less resistant to moisture and requires more caution when choosing the products to clean it.

These exterior windows are a classic and embody a history of a long held American tradition that has its roots back in the ancient Greek civilization. Installing one of these wood shutters in your home is an easy way to appreciate the long held tradition and the utility that these shutters provide.






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